Dental Fillings and Bonding




Diamond Dental is proud to offer white fillings as our primary restorative material. A dental filling refers to a restorative material to repair teeth. White fillings are typically made out of a composite resin. These fillings blend in very well to match your tooth shade. We strive to give you a beautiful smile. The procedure is simple and virtually pain free.


White Fillings Procedure

With the use of blue lights, the resin of the white filling is cured to your teeth for a tight bond. This bond helps the filling support the structure of your tooth and helps to prevent cracks and fractures. Our doctors would then shape and polish the composite to help it fit comfortably and limit deterioration and staining. Ultimately, the filling would be very difficult to notice among your other teeth!


Advantages of White Fillings

Traditionally, dentists use silver filling as their restorative material. A lot of natural tooth structure is destroyed in the process to build retention for the silver. White fillings allows for much limited loss of tooth structure. With white fillings, no one will be able to tell the difference between your fillings and your natural teeth.


Restore Your Teeth with Dental Fillings/Bonding in Massachusetts

Diamond Dental is a comprehensive dental practice based in Malden Massachusetts that provides dental fillings/bonding. If you want to learn if white fillings are right for you, call us at (781) 338-0818 or Email Us. We serve the Massachusetts community of Malden.