Dental Cleaning




At Diamond Dental, we believe that preventive care is essential in keeping your oral and overall health in top shape. We provide dental cleanings and examinations to patients throughout the Massachusetts community of Malden. Our team will complete a full exam including x-rays, periodontal evaluation, scaling and polishing your teeth. During oral examination, we will make sure to check for any signs of gum disease and also perform an oral cancer screening test. Our team is experienced and confident with their techniques and will be sure to keep you comfortable.


Dental Cleaning and Examination for Children

We provide dental cleanings and examinations for patients of all ages. We have extensive experience providing dental cleanings to children and know exactly how to make them feel comfortable while visiting our dental office. Families throughout Malden and surrounding communities visit us to have their children’s and the whole family’s teeth cleaned. We strongly recommend starting your children at a very young age with dental cleanings and oral examinations to help them develop good oral habits and health. This also ensures proper monitoring of their baby teeth as they grow. Children can develop cavities and gum disease just like adults, but they require special attention in helping them understand the importance of baby teeth and in dealing with discomfort of developing adult teeth. We recommend that parents bring their children in for regular dental cleanings and examinations twice a year to help prevent cavities, as well as plaque and bacteria build-up.


Dental Cleaning and Examination for Adults & Seniors

We also recommend adults and seniors throughout Malden Massachusetts to have their teeth cleaned and checked twice a year. Good oral health is important regardless of age. As we age, our risk for an oral infection continues to increase because as our teeth age, the protective enamel starts to wear away, making our teeth susceptible to cavities. The best way to prevent cavities from developing is through good oral habits, which involves regular and proper brushing, flossing and rinsing.


Need Dental Cleaning in Massachusetts?

Diamond Dental is a comprehensive dental practice based in Malden Massachusetts that provides dental care for children, adults and seniors. To schedule your dental cleaning and examination, call (781) 338-0818 or Email Us.